Roof and Board, Please

Hotels offer some of the best adventure opportunities. Many hotels are quite tall and located in cities with spectacular views. Roof access is often low security.

Thanks to an anonymous submission, we have a photo log of a simple hotel roof infiltration. What’s interesting and satisfying about this particular job is that they adapted the resources at hand to get it done. A spare room key and a knife from the hotel restaurant were all that was needed to bypass to the locked door to the rooftop.

An Original Room Key Adapted As a Makeshift Bypass

Materials: Spare Plastic Room Key

Tools: Steak Knife From the Hotel Restaurant

After scanning for cameras, the bypass device was deployed to open the locked door and access the roof.

IMG_0821      IMG_0823

With some additional free-climbing, the highest level of the hotel was obtained, setting the stage for some trophy photos…


Always remember to remain in the shadows as much as possible. Don’t get cocky! It’s very easy to be spotted on rooftops, even at night. These adventurer(s) were spotted as they scaled a wall from the lower roof to an even  higher level. A hotel resident was looking out from a window on the highest floor at exactly the wrong time. Her face has been obscured in the submitted photo to protect her privacy.

The peeking mom, before her children came to look

A quick exfiltration and evasion tactics saved the day for these adventurer(s), but it’s better to not be seen at all!

— Post by Max

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