Obey (gehorchen)

Not all adventures are, strictly speaking, legal. Some might involve a bit of trespass, for example. (This is a misdemeanor in most places, but beware government facilities. And never, ever residential buildings).

Toast Asylum encourages everyone to obey the law. We will have many more posts on this subject.

For now, just remember, if you must go over the legal line in pursuit of adventure, don’t make it more serious than necessary.

Don’t take anything. Don’t break anything. If your adventure succeeds, you will have the most valuable prize of all: memories for a lifetime.

Don’t get sloppy going to and coming from the site. Obey traffic laws to the letter. Never, ever drink alcohol or take illegal drugs while in transit or during the event. Just don’t, it’s not worth the cost. A lot of people sitting in prison cells are there because they ran a red light leaving the scene, or got pulled over for speeding, or downed a few beers beforehand and made a stupid mistake that led the police to their door.


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